Thursday, May 10, 2012

What My Opponent Hopes Conservatives Don't See

House District 70 Candidate Comparison

Rep David Meeks
Price Dooley
Gun Rights: NRA Grade
A (Solidly Pro-Gun)
D- (Anti-gun) (1)
Same Sex Domestic Partnerships, Civil Unions
Undecided (2)
Blocking Obamacare
Sponsored Legislation/Voted multiple times against funding healthcare exchange
“There is nothing a state legislator can do, ultimately…” (3)
States Rights
Support: Co-sponsored resolution
Unsure.  See Above.
Military Service
Yes-Honorable Discharge
Arkansas Right to Life

No Climate Tax Pledge (4)
Signed/ Record of voting against every tax and fee increase.
Not signed (As of  5/10/12)

In addition Price Dooley has voted in Democratic Primaries going back to at least 2004.  So the question he should answer is who did he vote for in 2008?  Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton?  Who did he vote for in 2010? Blanche Lincoln or Bill Halter?  Did he vote for Joyce Elliot for Congress?

If he is voting for the party will he continue to vote with the Democrats?  If he was voting values what values does he have common with all the liberals listed above?

 I have a solid conservative record in the legislature and I will continue to fight for hardworking Arkansas taxpayers.  I will remain focused on important issues like job creation, spending cuts, and working on comprehensive legislation to combat Human Trafficking.

I ask the voters of District 70 to reject the negative smear campaign being run by my opponent and vote to return a proven, solid conservative to the legislature.

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