Legislative Record


  • Public Transportation - House

  • Public Transportation - House Waterways & Aeronautics Subcommittee

  • Aging, Children and Youth, Legislative & Military Affairs - House

  • Aging & Legislative Affairs - House Leg., Military & Veterans Affairs Joint Performance Review (JPR)

  • Non-Voting: Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee - House

  • Girls State

  • Fayetteville Shale Caucus

  • Conservative Caucus

  • Co-Chair: Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution

  • Promises Made, Promises Kept:

    Create Jobs by Cutting Taxes:

  • Co-sponsored the Capital Gains Tax Reduction, the Grocery Tax Cut, and the Back to School Sales Tax Holiday. Also supported the reduction in the Used Car Sales Tax.

  • Fought against an increase in the severance tax which threatened to cost jobs in the natural gas industry.

  • Voted against the state budget, which increased state spending by over $80 million.

  • Supported the Online Checkbook Bill, which will bring greater transparency to state spending.

  • Protecting State's Rights:

  • Sponsored HB1053 - Healthcare Freedom Act (To protect Arkansas from being forced to purchase health insurance)

  • Co-Sponsored HCR1010 - Claiming State's Rights Under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

  • Family/Life:

  • Co-Sponsored SB113, An Act To Prohibit Health Insurance Exchange Policies From Offering Coverage for Abortions Except Thru a Separate Rider

  • Gun Rights:

  • Supported several Pro-Gun bills as the Arkansas Firearms Freedom Act

  • Media:

  • Named the Top State Legislator - "What sets David Meeks apart is an attitude of service."

  • Named as one of the twenty to watch in 2011 by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette-River Valley