Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thank you!

I want to say Thank you to everyone for your support and for overwhelming voting to re-elect me as the Republican Nominee for District 70.

Thank you to those that prayed. Thank you to the many volunteers who waved a sign, went door to door or made a phone call.  Thank you to those who donated whatever amount they could.

Winning the primary gives us the momentum we need to win in November.  The stakes are now much higher and I am committed to working hard to make sure our conservative message gets to all the voters of District 70.

I hope you will join me as we continue to fight to make Arkansas a better place to work and live.

Here to Serve,
David Meeks

Monday, May 21, 2012

What You Can Do to Help Get Out the Vote!

We are now the last 36 hours of the campaign.  We have gotten our conservative message out to the voters.

Now it is critical they get out and vote.  Here is what you can do to help us in last few hours.

1) Pray
2) Wave Signs:  Today- Stand on a busy street corner (Dave Ward, Hogan or Salem are good places)
Tomorrow- Polling Places (Peace Lutheran on Dave Ward, McGee Center on Prince, or Grace United Methodist Church on Hogan).  I will be at the McGee Center all day on election day.
3) Make Phone Calls and Email those in District 70. I have attached a map of District 70 to help you identify those voters you may know in the district.

Please join us for an election night watch party starting at 7p at Larry's Pizza in downtown Conway.

Here to Serve,
David Meeks

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What My Opponent Hopes Conservatives Don't See

House District 70 Candidate Comparison

Rep David Meeks
Price Dooley
Gun Rights: NRA Grade
A (Solidly Pro-Gun)
D- (Anti-gun) (1)
Same Sex Domestic Partnerships, Civil Unions
Undecided (2)
Blocking Obamacare
Sponsored Legislation/Voted multiple times against funding healthcare exchange
“There is nothing a state legislator can do, ultimately…” (3)
States Rights
Support: Co-sponsored resolution
Unsure.  See Above.
Military Service
Yes-Honorable Discharge
Arkansas Right to Life

No Climate Tax Pledge (4)
Signed/ Record of voting against every tax and fee increase.
Not signed (As of  5/10/12)

In addition Price Dooley has voted in Democratic Primaries going back to at least 2004.  So the question he should answer is who did he vote for in 2008?  Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton?  Who did he vote for in 2010? Blanche Lincoln or Bill Halter?  Did he vote for Joyce Elliot for Congress?

If he is voting for the party will he continue to vote with the Democrats?  If he was voting values what values does he have common with all the liberals listed above?

 I have a solid conservative record in the legislature and I will continue to fight for hardworking Arkansas taxpayers.  I will remain focused on important issues like job creation, spending cuts, and working on comprehensive legislation to combat Human Trafficking.

I ask the voters of District 70 to reject the negative smear campaign being run by my opponent and vote to return a proven, solid conservative to the legislature.

As always, you may contact me at david.meeks@arkansashouse.org


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Focus on the Issues

There is a proverb that I was taught growing up and  strive to live by:  "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold." (Proverbs 22:1)

So it’s troubling when my opponent wants to avoid his record and  instead attempt to discredit me with false accusations. 

The reality is I’ve been a strong conservative legislator.  I’ve stood against Obamacare.  I’ve fought for ethics reform.  I’ve been engaged in the concern over our shortfall in Medicaid.  I voted for millions of dollars in tax cuts and focused on job creation.  Throughout this campaign I have stayed focused on vital issues that are important to Arkansas families.

Predictably my opponent has resorted to false personal attacks because he knows I’ve kept my promises and he can’t match my credentials. Slinging the proverbial mud to distract you from the real concerns we face.

The fact he received a D minus rating from the NRA is just one example of how his stance on an issue does not match up with that of the majority of Arkansans.

He also believes Arkansans should just accept Obamacare because, in his own words, “there is nothing a state legislature can do” to protect Arkansans from overreaching government. 

I encourage my opponent to stop the negativity and start telling voters why he would be a conservative voice for Conway.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Reaction to the AG's Opinion on the Contraception Mandate

Late yesterday the Attorney General issued an opinion on two questions I had concerning the contraception mandate.  You can find the complete opinion here:  http://ag.arkansas.gov/opinions/docs/2012-043.html

Here is the bottom line of that opinion: "Second, the Supremacy Clause in the U.S. Constitution requires that any valid federal law will override a conflicting state law. Accordingly, if the regulation is a valid federal law, then any conflicting state laws—whether they be regulatory, statutory, or constitutional—will be preempted"

This should bring concern to all Arkansans.  If Obamacare is upheld and we go forward with implementing the healthcare exchanges we will be subject to whatever regulations HHS puts into place regardless of whether it is good for Arkansas or is in line with our values.

I believe this latest mandate is an assault on not only our states rights but also on our religious freedoms and will work diligently to fight against it.

I stand with the majority of Arkansans who oppose this encroachment on our freedoms. I stand with Cardinal Dolan, Pastor Rick Bezet and the others of faith who have said they will not comply with this mandate.  I hope you will stand with us.

Here to Serve,
David Meeks