Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spending, Tax Cuts, and the Future

“The type of people that ran for office this year didn’t show up to learn the system, they showed up to change it...” Rep John Burris

Some facts about the Arkansas Budget:

In 2000, the budget was around 1 billion dollars. The proposed budget for the next fiscal year is 4.5 billion. In that same time frame, Arkansas is ranked as the 5th fastest growing state government.

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One of my campaign promises I made to the people of my district is to curb the growth of government. That is one of the reasons I have voted against appropriation bills that include any pay raise or cost of living allowance.
Let me be clear: At this time, I do not want to defund any program or make any cuts. My votes against the appropriations have been because of the increases.
The appropriation bills give the agency the authority to spend that amount if the money is there. To me, one of the best ways to control the growth of government is control the amount you give it the authority to spend. Government will normally find a way to spend the money you give it.

It is important we hold the line on spending this year because in the coming years we will have to deal with tens of millions in increases from Medicaid spending, and the almost $400 million we owe the unemployment trust fund. To see how deep Arkansas is in debt here is the debt clock:

As for tax cuts, this week HB1002, the Capital Gains Tax Cut bill will go before the Senate Tax and Revenue Committee on Wednesday. Here are some links that explain why we need to pass this bill:

The Capital Gains Tax Cut will make us more competitive with the states around us and is the most likely proposal to create jobs.

It is important we make Arkansas a more business friendly state and passing HB1002 will do just that.

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