Saturday, February 12, 2011

Breaking Down the Numbers

This past week, the US Census released the 2010 figures for Arkansas.

Here are just some of the figures for Faulkner County, Conway, and the State Senate and House Districts that are in Faulkner County:

Faulkner County went from a population of 86,014 to 113,237 (+27,223).
This is a change of +31.6% (Now the 5th most populated county in Arkansas)

Cities in Faulkner County:
Conway: 58,908 (Now the 7th most populated city in Arkansas)
Damascus: 382
Enola: 338
Greenbrier: 4,706
Guy: 708
Holland: 557
Mayflower: 2,234
Vilonia: 3,815
Wooster: 860

State House Districts:
For redistricting purposes: Around 29,159 (plus or minus 5%)
District 42: 32,375 (Faulkner County: 16,715)
District 45: 32,959 (All in Faulkner County)
District 46: 35,918 (All in Faulkner County)
District 47: 34,367 (Faulkner County: 27,645)

Note: You could fit two House Districts within the city of Conway, and four House Districts within Faulkner County now.

State Senate Districts:
For redistricting purposes: Around 83,311 (plus or minus 5%)
District 18: 85,656 (Faulkner County: 7,640)
District 29: 85,160 (Faulkner County: 1,654)
District 30: 103,943 (All in Faulkner County)

To access the maps and files here is the link:

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